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Automotive Glazing

Los arquitectos lo perciben, como un elemento transparente que, a diferencia de las baldosas, aporta un plus de espectacularidad: The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Saint-Gobain Glass se presenta en Veteco con el vidrio que contribuye al ahorro familiar.

The process bonds two sheets of glass using a sheet of transparent plastic, producing a safety glass. The glass is not completely opaque, so that it can be used as mirror ‘spy’ under certain lighting conditions.

The manufacturing process for tempered glass Saint-Gobain Sekurit tempered glass is produced in the following stages:. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide gobaln accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator.

A violent impact shatters tempered glass into many tiny non-cutting fragments. Eso ya nos permite ver que estamos ante un material muy noble.

The mirrors are also a perfect solution for wet areas. The 4S Planitherm is manufactured in Spain since February of this year to ensure the best service and availability. In addition to its possible use in the residential sector, Mirastar can be used to achieve effects mirror walls which are in areas of high humidity or where disinfection or cleaning products should be used. Arquitecto, especialista y consultor en vidrio.


Imagine the future of mobility Driving tomorrow: Automotive windows are usually made from laminated glass for windshields and tempered glass for sidelites and backlites. The mirrors are an element that have gained prominence in the world of decoration. Los ensayos siempre son simulaciones.

Ha participado en proyectos singulares colaborando con arquitectos e ingenieros consultores de todo el mundo. One of the most noticeable trends in the exterior design of passenger cars is the introduction of panoramic sunroofs. Given the current situation where saving has become the first priority of Spanish households, Saint-Gobain proposes a new product with even more efficient performance of solar control and thermal insulation, the ‘four seasons’ SGG Planitherm 4S.

It has been automatically translated for your convenience. The Windows have historically been the weakest of the facade. Son dos propiedades opuestas, en conflicto entre ellas.

No se admiten comentarios insultantes, racistas o contrarios gbain las leyes vigentes. Otro factor importante a tener en cuenta es la durabilidad. Tienes la libertad de hacer varias pruebas.

More generally, all laminated glass passes all legal and OEM requirements concerning durability against heat, UV, moisture,…. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. NG- Seguridad antideslizamiento, seguridad estructural y seguridad en caso de rotura. Existen productos que se superponen en el vidrio a temperaturas de grados que funden pero que no tienen la resistencia del vidrio.

With a good reason: Invudrio French chemist Edouard Benedictus, invented laminated glass and called it “Triplex”. El resto de certificaciones son a su criterio.


Tempered glass is also a safety glass. Type of glass Clear, tinted and deep tinted glass Standard thickness: Es criterio del profesional prescriptor.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit | A leading manufacturer of automotive glazing for more than 80 years

At the same time, it can be printed and enamel. The process is used for automobile windshields but can be also applied for laminated sidelites and laminated backlites. In our country we have an outstanding issue with energy savings. Mirastar glass sel ideal for applications requiring safety in use, for example as a separator of wall coverings or environments.

Laminated glazing can also be used for sidelites and backlites, mainly to improve safety and security. El estudio no tiene valor oficial porque lo ha llevado a cabo una universidad, pero es una referencia para saber el nivel de desgaste de cada material.

Automotive Glazing | Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Try out our global customizer Discover which Saint-Gobain Sekurit glass is made for you. A protocolos distintos, puede haber resultados distintos de nivel. A veces se pone el precio por encima de la seguridad. Al final, estamos hablando de la seguridad de las personas.

If the room’s next to the layer it is darker, the glass produces a mirror effect glas the opposite side, making it impossible vision through him in this direction allowing for ‘spying’ from the side of the layer.

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