PDF | This article examines Malek Bennabi’s concept of civilisation and its equation. It undertakes a conceptual approach to Bennabi’s analysis. Bin Nabi, Malik. (d. ). Algerian thinker and writer. Wrote over twenty books on Islamic, cultural, societal, and developmental issues. Produced all his books. Malek (Malik) Bennabi played a considerable role in the development of Islamic political, cultural, and religious thought and discourse during the 20th century.

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This included aesthetic, ethical, pragmatic, and technical values. Although looking back to what had been achieved in bennnabi Golden Age of Islam is still relevant, what is more important is to be able to bennbi the political values and culture of models and systems implemented by past prophets, re-interpret and apply these to our contemporary society.

Find it on Scholar. He also became fascinated with the gymnastic games of Awled ben Isa, a sufi group who became famous for their strange acts.

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Muslims tended to dig up past treasures instead of seeking to progress with new ones. Peter Baofu – – Peter Lang. This was truly not malim failure of Islam, but because Muslims and those in governance abandoned the true understanding of what Islamic values connoted.

As a result of this inferiority, Muslims ascribed this distance to the field of objects.

Bennabi was born in Constantine, Algeria in The Scientifization of Culture: His grandmother known as Hajja Baya was one of the very influential family members, even though he says that he has not a clear and enough information about her. However, despite that success Malik Bennabi was not too happy because, according to him, his elementary school record was affected by racial discrimination.


How should one observe contemporary Islamic movements considering Bennabi and his influence? Therefore, the Arabs and other Muslim countries, especially those that did not possess a great deal of material power, should give more weight to the issue of ideas. Malik Bennabi witnessed the consequences of the French invasion of Algeria.

Malik Bennabi

Consequently, his parent decided to limit his attendance in the French school where he enjoyed the new environment especially when he saw the difference between the two schools models, namely the psycho-educational conditions of learning for a child, like him. This spurred him to reflect on the question of culture in the early nineteenth century. He later criticised the Muslim society for frequently falling into an apologetic state.

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Bin Nabi, Malik – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, the twentieth bennaib introduced a new development in which ideas bennqbi held in high esteem as national and international values. As a matter of fact, he decided to challenge the western bias intellectually and became determinate to continue his education bennnabi prove his abilities. Dissertation, University of Michigan So, he grew up under very difficult circumstances, observing sadly the Algerian tragedy caused by that invasion which reached a point where many Algerian families left Algeria to immigrate in the neighbouring countries, he says: He argues that we can split any given civilization into three basic elements: He took a psychological approach to understanding the history of Muslim civilization.


Indeed, my grandmother Hajja Zulaikha reported how Hajja Baya and her parents left Qussantina once invaded by the French colonial army. On the social level, it would lead to what we have elsewhere called takdis heaping-up. Yet, due to Mr. Actually, he bennaib hesitated to show his attachment to her because of her deep influence on him.

Although it was so easy for me to know about my grades over the year, as well as the grades of the four first pupils in my class, I was sure that I was the best one, but not continuously overall the year.

Educated in Paris and Algiers in engineering, he later based himself in Cairowhere he spent much of his time working extensively in the fields of history, philosophy and sociology. This period, when Malik Bennabi was in the primary school, coincided with the beginning of the World war one.

Born in in Tibissa, a town in the southeast of Algeria, in the first day of November. The Intelligibility of Whitehead’s Philosophy.

Bin Nabi, Malik

Bennqbiafter returning to Algeriahe witnessed modern scientific inventions and technological creations unfold before his eyes. This chapter examines the shortcomings of the policy of educating the natives and the development of the natives’ attitude toward French education.

He used to spend most of his time with her.