The booklet is the main selling point of this pressing in my opinion. . http://www. Discover ideas about The Moon. Mae The Everglow, Sun and the Moon booklet art. The MoonBookletMoonLa Luna. More information. Saved by. Cody Kelton. Album Name: The Everglow. Album Release Date: Style of Music: Bright Indie/Alternative with a touch of magic. The original Album cover and booklet was .

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Fight the Good Fight of the Faith. I knew this was coming 6 months ago The Everglow reflects so many human emotions during its onehour running time.

The Everglow – Wikipedia

Tend and Keep or Worship and Obey? With its story-like nature, The Everglow is considered a everglod album. Can confirm it was amazing live. Egerglow pressing limited to copies: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Fox And King. Posted December 7, The hand-drawn artwork from the original The Everglow album was recreated with a young actor on sets. There were 1, copies pressed as a double LP on black vinyl.

The Garden as a Sanctuary. Fall Clearance thru The Everglow is topped and tailed by a female announcer who actively encourages the listener to follow the storyline using the accompanying booklet.


Posted June 26 edited. I need you here tonight; Just like the ocean needs the waves. Notify me of new comments via email. It is more than a just a musical CD; it is a whole experience that will take you back to the days of childhood when stories were read to you with vivid pictures and happy endings.

Hopefully I haven’t biten off more than I can chew!

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Really looking forward to my copy, I haven’t seen any” Suspension” variants yet so I wonder how it turned out. I really like the illustration style of Alexander Wells piece above and would like to try incorporate lots of different components like Alex does to draw the viewer in and keep them looking for more within the piece.

Don’t be too wrapped up by the” variants, ” but I wouldn’t skip on this before prices soar. A Changed young Life. Retrieved from ” boooklet It comes with a fantastic album lyricsartwork tge that you can follow along in, one page per song.

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Mae – The Everglow

The wind, it moves colder now, colder now. Now if I could only get it signed The record is now out of print, and people are back to paying big bucks for this on ebay or through other means. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You are now listening to the audio portion of the album.

Musically Mae continues to develop a memorable, layered, Indie-Pop sound. Create an Album Cover: It turned out this was a highly sought after release, as I expected from the get go but not to the extent it was. Mae the everglow booklet They released their second fulllength album, The Everglow, in Those people are slightly better than downright flippers, but not by much in my opinion.

Really love that green LP Getting my Suspension variant today, will post.