Goketsu Monogatari del anime Naruto se basa en un personaje famoso en la historia del siglo XIX, aparecen incluso Tsunade y Orochimaru. Pero no sólo estos. Orochimaru (大蛇丸) is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a. manga naruto leopoldo medina · About · PARALELO 1. «Deidara · Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari (La Leyenda de Jiraiya el Galante)».

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The Great Sage Naruto by Thousandson reviews This is set 3 year after the war with the Atatsuki and Naruto is about to get a surprising new teammate to take the Chunin exams finally. T – English – Lejenda – Chapters: NaruHina, full summary inside Found by Darui and Killer Bee watch as he grows into the legend he was always meant to be. With a burning yalante to get stronger, a motivation of steel and a promise of a lifetime; Watch as Naruto goes on his journey to become the greatest shinobi he can be.

Now she is going with Naruto on his training mission with Jariaya and she will be with him. There she meets Naruto and soon, many exciting adventures await.

NarutoxHarem Naruto – Rated: In canon, his growth was stunted. Hitsugaya appears to have forgotten Matsumoto, Narumi told him that he was ready for duty.

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But passing it on to his son, what will Naruto do with all of joraiya and space in the palm of his hands. She has a fear of falling in love.


Tsunade posee grandes habilidades con las babosas, Jiraiya con los sapos y Orochimaru con las serpientes. Dark NaruHina expect character death and evil, dark Naruto. The most obvious are e, biju, walking natural disasters. How all doggies should learn. What would happen to his friends? Furious, Naruto’s love for Konoha evaporated leyendaa he ran off. Seven years later, he reappears as the Emperor of the West.

What if she and Shizune were to take him in?

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Worth Protecting by Reprise I reviews With the arrival of someone new, Laa becomes dissatisfied with his level of strength. Having been kidnapped, Naruto meets Yugito Nii.

Better that it sounds. This Time as a Namikaze by TwiceMarked reviews A broken promise sends Naruto spiralling down into a depression after his greatest victory.

With a scroll from the founder of Ninjutsu, a fox who mildly respects jiraiyz and surprising encouragement from Ino, Naruto might just becaome the strongest shinobi of the Leaf, worthy of the Fourth’s legacy. The night he learned Kage Bunshin, Naruto was changed. Destierro by The Chaos Writer reviews El miedo puede provocar reacciones extremas, como el destierro de alguien inocente. Regresa luego de 10 anios ha arreglar asuntos pendientes y se encuentra con algunos cambios, pero el regresa acompaniado y su regreso coincide con un nuevo examen chuunin.

Probably knows I need a bath Tales of Terror by Delta Elena reviews Hinata acaba de mudarse a una nueva ciudad donde vivira galamte nuevas, amistad, amor pero sobre todo conocera las terrorificas leyendas urbanas mas conocidas Naruto – Rated: Where would he go?


Watch them develop their relationship and shake the nations. Sarutobi hoopte dat Orochimaru de volgende Hokage leider van Konohagakure, het in de bladeren verborgen dorp zou worden. The Sealed Kunai by Kenchi reviews What if something made Naruto the dead-last that everyone sees him as? After being banished for bringing an injured Sasuke, and betrayed by those he cared for, Naruto travels to the unknown western parts of the continent.

Rated M for blood and language. Under pressure from her crippling guilt, Rangiku decides to let him stay with her.

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How will Hinata’s life be changed now that she jiraija the owner of the strongest demon? Nightfall by freowin reviews Naruto is stolen from the village and left to die in a forest. The Sandaime Hokage had to put him in confinement for the safety of the village. He was the human manifestation of the monster that they feared at least thats how most of the villagers saw him.