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Ways to study for Year 12 Japanese???? Hi guys, Next year I’ll be in Year 12 for for Japanese.

I would just like to know what I should do over the holidays that will be beneficial to my studies for next year. I am quite good in Japanese and according to the class ranking I’m first. However, I really need to practice and work hard over quite a few things.

I was thinking maybe watching Japanese subbed anime but then realised that the anime speech is more of a casual type of talking whereas I need more formal. I know the kanji required but do you guys have any other ideas that would benefit me??? Furbob Victorian Part of the furniture Posts: I am presumably ranked 1st in my class as well since I got the award at my school anyway boasting aside, if you’re crazy like me, I’d go on to learning even more kanji or start doing some of the exercises from the red kookoo seikatsu book I assume everyone uses that book or read about the Detailed Studies?


I find that there are a lack of resources for VCE Japanese so it can be hard doing extra imo. Well i would say just memorise all the kanji maybe a few extra ones, all appropriate grammar points, particle use and most importantly have a good vocabulary!!

My teacher says taht vocabulary is very important, as it is a waste of time looking in dictionaries for a word that you dont know. As Furbob said there arent too many Japanese resources Furbob on December 15, December 15, IntoTheNewWorld on December 15, I think yr it decided to go out of print so our teacher is sending us.

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This should be very helpful. Not to mention that there’s more kanji drills too!

Contrary to the others, I think that if you get used to being able to kokooo your dictionary quickly it can be a useful tool in the exam. My advice to you would be to read as much Japanese that you can — it doesn’t matter what it is — blog posts, websites, manga, kid’s books — and make sure you look up everything you don’t know.

  LG W2600H PDF

Try to get ones with furigana in them though, otherwise you”ll have major problems looking things up. Like’s been said, blok is horrifyingly difficult at first but it gets easier.

Also, I would advise watching movies, and tv shows and so on in Japanese. Yes, the manner of speaking is very casual, but you still pick up lots of good vocab along the seiatsu, and it improves your listening skills. Even so, it’s probably more useful in the long run to learn how to speak in a more casual manner, if you have an interest in Japanese as a language rather than a subject, like I do. Textbook wise, I cannot really bopk you on because I must admit, I did not touch my textbook all year, out of class.

Is that ‘Kodansha Furigana dictoinary’ good? Because our jap teacher is going to get us to buy new ones next year as our ones are pretty average.