iran, persian, News, persian book, farsi book, ketabkhaneh. My Persian Ketabkhaneh genre: new releases and popular books, including Neither East Nor Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America. Basari, Tol’at, DASTUR-E-ZABAN-E-FARSI (Tehran: Ketab-Khaneh-ye-Tavori, A.H. /C.E. ). A grammar of Farsi written for native speakers. Boyle.

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Tarikhe Iran Zamin az dortarin doran ta miladi http: Foropashi Shahanshahi Sasani va fotohate arab http: Naghshe Shah Esmaeil dar tarikhe Iran http: Mohamad reza shah http: Porsesh v pasokhahei darbare dine behi zartoshtian: Marzban name be farsi http: Germans call their language Deutch but in English it is called German. Khonji has many valuable informations in his books and I don’t think I have this knowledge and authority to criticize him,but he is very anti Arab,Anti Turk and Anti Shii,and sometimes he says something that I can’t find in any history books.

For example he claimes that safavid kings were homosexual,well I couldn’t find any source for this claim.

I think I hope I am Wrong because he is Lari who many of them are sunni and anti Arab he mixes his nationalistic feelings with history. But I must say if his books which are online will be read objectively,They have many valuable informations.

Originally posted by Hushyar 1 Farsi is pronounciation of our language in Persian Originally posted by Hushyar 2 Dr. I agree, Ketabkhanehh every one has own opinion.

باشگاه ادبیات: کارل مارکس، فریدریش انگلس

Maktobat Namehaie Kamal aldole be Jamal aldole – Mirza fath ali akhond zade http: Talkhtar az sharang – Farzade Jasemi http: Siavash – Behdad http: Sorodehaie Zartosht – mobed Rostam Shahrzadi http: Amozehaie Boda – Arash Jebraeil http: Khalij Pars, nami kohantar az tarikh http: Jastarhaei az Tarikh – Ehsane Tabari http: Moghadamei bar Tarikh – Hamid Momeni http: Seraj alTavarikh – Mirza fiz mohammad kateb hezare http: Sincethe Encyclopaedia has been supported as a “major project” by the National Endowment for the Humanities NEHthe foremost sponsor of educational, academic and research projects in the US.


In fact it is the only precise and reliable reference work on the lands, life, culture and history of all Iranian peoples and their interaction with other societies. Click here for the website: I found a link to an online portion of the Encyclopedia. Simply farsk in a word, ie. Afghan and youll see all kinds of links for information in PDF format.

Seiri dar ketavkhaneh http: Avaze pare Jebreil- Shikh shabaldin Sohrevardi http: Amir Ketabkhnaeh Namdar – Naghib almamalek http: Khosro v Shirin – Varsi Ganjavi http: Sinohe – Mika Valteri http: Ghatleame Armanian – Esmaeil Raein http: Divan Sharghi Gote – Shojaedin Shafa http: Safire Simorgh – Shabeldin Sohrevardi http: Mohakeme va Defae dr. Jomhorie Gilan – Abdol ali Masomi http: Ketabkhanneh Malake Ester az ketab Moghadas http: Yorim bar asase ketab Moghadas http: Marge Yazdgerd – Bahram Beizaei http: Mokhtasari darbare Mazdak – Partov Alavi http: Nehzate Sar be darane Khorasan – Petroshofski http: Print Page Close Window.

Persian art

Farsi Ebook about History Printed From: Web Wiz Forums 9. Farsi Ebook about History Posted By: Farsi Ebook about History Date Posted: Ketzbkhaneh of Aryan you could also add the following link to your collection http: It compares Shirin and Khosrow to Leily va Majnoon and exaplains the cultural differences between arabs and persians through the expressions of love and relationships between males and females in the two cultures.

If it can’t be found on the web, I guess we just gotta scan it. Very interesting links but some few points: Thanks for your concern Friends Originally posted by Hushyar 1 Farsi is pronounciation of our language in Persian Have any of you heard of “Encyclopedia Iranica”?

Rostamzad a oldest version of Sezarian Hi Guys, I came Back with some new books: The Persian Army B.

Men at Arms series I’ll put all links here: Men at Arms series” links are not exist any more my Dear friend ” Imperator Invictus ” deleted all posts. Land of Aryan some of these links ketabkhane a serious breach of international copyright law – I must edit the offending links, please do not add any more book downloads, web articles are OK.


30 Me: 08/01/ – 09/01/

Ok, I’ll not post Ospreys anymore. Do you need any ebook??? Soghot 79, Paul Erdmen http: Chegone Aran name Azarbaiegan Greft http: Safarname Naserkhosro, Parsi Dari http: Once upon a time your land ruled half the known world but what has it come down to now?

I offer you a way to rescue yourself. Start praying to a mono God, a single union God, the only God who created everything in the universe. Stop your Fire Worship, command your nation to stop their Fire Worship which is false; join us by joining the truth. Bei’at is the only way.

Tazi people have no value for God’s creatures! Your hearts are made of stone, we condemn all these Evil which you do. How can you teach us Godly Ways when you commit these action? You tell me to stop my Fire Worship! But we are not the same as you, we are not in the same level as you. We help other human being, we spread love among humanity, we spread Good throughout the Earth, we have been spreading our culture but in respect for other cultures throughout ketavkhaneh whole world for thousands of years, yet you in the name of Allah invade ketabkhzneh men’s land!

Is it you the followers of Allah who do this in his name?

Or Is it both? You are Desert Savages, yet you want to teach Urban people like us who lived in the metabkhaneh for thousands of years, the love of God! We have thousands of years of culture behind us, a powerful tool indeed! What knowledge have you taught the Muslim that you also insist on teaching it to non Muslim? What culture have you learned from your Allah, now that you want to force-teach it to others?

Don’t let them do these crimes in the name of Allah O Akbar, put a stop to your criminal behavior.