Johnny Lovewisdom () sounds like an interesting character. Lovewisdom believed that the thin air at high altitudes would allow him to develop. Dr Johnny Lovewisdom is the author of The Healing God Spell of Saint John ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews), The Lovewisdom Message on Paradise Buil. Johnny Lovewisdom: | | ||| | Lovewisdom at the |crater lake| on |Mt. Quilotoa| World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias.

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After years of silence I once again had contact with the Luminous Being who spoke to me at the Hungarian Puszta in Before I jjohnny to Ecuador I received a book in my hand at the library in Gothenburg. I recognized Johnny Lovewisdom since he earlier operated as John the Baptist. He lovewsidom also a thousand years before incarnated as the greatest saint of Tibet, Milarepa. I looked for Rolf Blomberg, who since many years where living in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he lived together with an Ecuadorian woman.

He informed me by letter that Johnny Lovewisdom had left Ecuador and moved to California.

File:Johnny Lovewisdom.jpg

Rolf Blomberg knew no more about him or where in California he resided. A young man came up to me and handed me a catalog with various addresses. I think you need this catalog better than I. I was surprised llvewisdom what he said. He had returned from California and stayed in a secluded village with the name Vilcabamba.

I was visibly taken aback. The Luminous Being must have known this when telling me to go to Ecuador. Their conception of time in relation to ours, differ markedly.

I made my way eventually to Ecuador and spent a few days with Rolf Blomberg in Quito, and then I took the flight to Loja located several miles outside Vilcabamba. To get to Vilcabamba, I had two choices, donkey express or by horse.


Without a guide I would probably still be on my way to Vilcabamba. It was not as easy to get there as I thought. Narrow Indian trails surrounded by canyons lead there.

Johnny Lovewisdom — Vilcabamba was at that time one of the five places on earth where the people grew very old. Nowadays this beautiful location is exploited for tourism. I remember especially one of the Incas who lived in Vilcabamba. His name was Manuel Ramon, who at that time was years old according to the Lovswisdom Church listing.

He lived mainly of fruits and vegetables, and still carried out the lovewiwdom work as the younger ones during the time I was there. The Crater Lake in Cotopaxi, Chimborazo.

During this period of johhnny meditation Johnny Lovewisdom achieved the Buddha-consciousness. Johnny Lovewisdom together with the president Ven. He also initiated me in the Northern Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism. They lived in unity with the cosmic law.

Dr Johnny Lovewisdom (Author of The Lovewisdom Message on Paradise Building)

I would henceforth be known as John Marc — Mark-Ion Markus Johnanneswhich was my name in Sinop in Pontos in one of my previous incarnations earthly lives. He was from the city of Sinop in the area of Pontos at the Black Sea. The city now belongs to Turkey.

He was the son of the Bishop of Sinop, who was lovewiadom theologian during the s AD. He was by profession a shipowner. He moved to Rome during the s AD. nohnny

Johnny Lovewisdom

Marcion had his own doctrine later called Marcionism developed from the early Christianity and traditional Greek philosophy. He felt it was time for the church to take responsibility and break with Judaism, because Judaism had no solidarity with the original Christianity, Gnosticism. The Marcionists lived a simple life with only a few possessions. They were vegetarians and lived in strict celibacy. Now after about years of absence, this cosmic truth — the true original Gnosticism is restored, through my re-incarnation as Lovwisdom Sandor Markus.


Life Science from the beginning belongs to Anthropology, and has with the knowledge about the Source to the truth to do. The Gnostic Life Science that I officially represent is the only science today that can explain life from a multi-dimensional, multi-structural, quantum consciousness state. The cosmic knowledge through intellectualization loses its true meaning and degenerates into misunderstanding, sectarianism, faith and worship, and the results can be seen in the Institutional Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, where brother hates and persecutes brother.

I have published my jobnny in several books. Sandor A Markus Autobiography Part 2: The appearance of the Unifier in the North Part 3: As you sow, so you shall reap Part 4: My trip to Ecuador Part lovewosdom I reached a multi-dimensional transcendental state Part 7: God is transcendental Sound and Light.

You must be logged in to post a comment. My trip to Ecuador. Marcion was excommunicated by the church after the meeting. This knowledge cannot be acquired in any traditional college or university. God is transcendental Sound and Light Posted: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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