Questionnaire Response. II. Direct Scoring of the JDI. III. Number of Positive and Negative Items in the JDI. Dimensions. IV. Expected Scores of the. Index questionnaire which are job, pay, promotion opportunity, supervision and .. (JDI) Questionnaire which has been used to evaluate job satisfaction. The JDI and related scales are frequently used by academic researchers and workplace professionals as a means of measuring employee attitudes such as job.

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Now that the JDI family of scales has been updated, we would like to make the scales easily accessible to researchers and practitioners. A total of 1, working adults participated in the study, and participants were representative of the U.

Factor analysis — Part 2. The purpose of the present study was to develop and validate a self-administered Academic Job Satisfaction Questionnaire AJSQ suitable for university faculty, and, hopefully applicable to related professions.

The study successfully developed and validated a JS questionnaire suitable for academic staff in colleges and specialties.

Some are single-item measures,[ 6 ] others have varying numbers of items. Bowling Green University Department of Psychology.


A job-satisfaction measure for internal medicine residency program directors. Work-family conflict, job satisfaction and spousal support: The consistency of the instrument across separately analyzed faculty subgroups supports its applicability in various academic settings. Some of the original versions proved too lengthy for routine surveys.

The Job Descriptive Index: Newly Updated and Available for Download

They are the explained variance of Consider also that scale items may be interpreted differently over time due to factors such as language use. Table 1 displays the factor structure of the emerging AJSQ. Table 3 Correlations between factors. East Mediterr Health J. Outcome measures Five measures were to be estimated: How good are single vs.

Development and testing of the Jd in Nursing Scale. Table 2 Within-factor internal consistency reliability.

Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Int J Nurs Stud. Reliability and validity of Job Content Questionnaire in Chinese petrochemical employees. Psychology Press Limited; However, recent changes quesyionnaire governmental policies precluded access to census data, and alternate arrangements had to be made. This article briefly describes the importance of periodic scale updates, the procedures recently used to update the JDI family of qquestionnaire, and how the newly updated scales can be obtained and used free of charge.


Some theorists conceptualize job satisfaction JS as the positive emotional reactions and attitudes toward one’s job. Rahim1 Mahdi S. Job satisfaction of female Saudi nurses. Over the years, the JDI family of scales has demonstrated excellent reliability and validity. Psychological Bulletin,— This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Please note that other products and services offered by the JDI Office e.


The AJSQ demonstrated good overall psychometric properties in terms of construct validity and internal consistency reliability in both the overall sample and its separately analyzed subgroups. Factor analysis — Part 1 Table 1b: To replicate these findings in larger multicenter samples of academic staff.

Journal of Business and Psychology, 23— Despite the sizable literature on JS of quextionnaire staff, most studies have employed relatively generic all-purpose instruments.