‘Install’ -> ‘Business Intelligence Architecture and Deployment Guide / software/data/cognos/documentation/docs/en// When you configure IBM Cognos BI gateways, you can list the universal For more information, see the Installation and Configuration Guide. Deprecated Features in Version Installing IBM Cognos Planning with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Chapter4. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Planning Architecture and Deployment Guide.

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After carefully planning your system, you can begin installing the various prerequisites and components.

Additional resources available on the migration Web site: Sends emails to an external SMTP server on behalf of other services, such as the report service, job service, agent service, or data integration service. A human task such as report approval can be assigned to individuals or groups on an ad hoc basis or by any intel,igence the other services. For additional information, see the IBM Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology toolkit, which includes implementation guied and supporting documents.

To help you do this, the resources in this section provide information on troubleshooting problems, and links to accessing support and services from IBM. Deliver and view the information You deliver content from the IBM Cognos portal or other supported portals, and view information that has been saved to portals, or delivered by other mechanisms.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence documentation – United States

Manages interactive requests to run reports and provides output for a user in IBM Cognos Connection or a studio. Performs object manipulation functions in the content store, such as add, query, update, delete, move, and copy. If a dispatcher fails or is unavailable, requests for that dispatcher are routed to the next available dispatcher until the failed dispatcher reregisters itself.



The log information can then be analyzed by customers or by Cognos Buainess Services, including: Each dispatcher has a set of associated services, listed in the following table. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence inteoligence technical training and education services designed to suit your application, role, timeline and preferred learning format.

There might be issues that were not known when the installation intflligence was written. Modeling Use these documents to learn how to best use InfoSphere Data Architect to create data models that enforce design standards. After cognls and configuring, administrators will find these documents useful for server administration, data management, security and content administration, activities management, customization, and portal services administration.

Log service Records log messages generated by the dispatcher and other services. Installing and configuring After carefully planning your system, you can begin installing the various prerequisites and components. To use data for authoring and viewing, the business intelligence studios need a subset of a model of the metadata called a package. It provides information to help you plan an installation, improve performance, and secure a deployment.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Assigns a target service to handle a scheduled task. Which studio you use depends on the content, lifespan, and audience of the report, and whether the data is modeled dimensionally or relationally. Creates, schedules, and manages event objects that represent reports, jobs, agents, content store maintenance, deployment imports and exports, and metrics. Information about the toolkit is available on www. This guide uses a fictional business scenario to demonstrate the capabilities of the product, and focuses on the roles of the Advanced Business User, Professional Report Author, Modeler, Administrator, and IT Architect.


A dispatcher can also route requests to a specific dispatcher to run a given request. Use these documents to learn how to best use InfoSphere Data Architect to create data models that enforce design standards. Administration and Security – Troubleshooting This document describes some troubleshooting resources that can help you resolve problems. During that time, data may change and new requirements appear.

To help you learn the features and capabilities in IBM Cognos 8 BI, use the samples to guide you through the process of building an application.

Planning job service Manages communications with the Planning Job Server subsystem. Content Manager cache service Enhances the overall system performance and Content Manager scalability by caching frequent query results in each dispatcher.

Manages communications with the Planning Job Server subsystem. IBM Cognos – Content Administration in IBM Cognos Connection This document describes the administration tasks you perform in the portal to monitor servers, optimize performance, set access permissions, and schedule and distribute reports, agents, and metrics. The document discusses how the product can satisfy the needs of the user community by enabling features such as collaboration. These documents provide a high-level introduction to the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence products, and some of the important new features and capabilities for version