For Matrimonial Purposes [Kavita Daswani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anju wants a husband. Equally important, her entire family. Buy *For Matrimonial Purposes* online, For Matrimonial Purposes Kavita Daswani Plume Paperback pages. June rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars . Spirited, elegant, fun, with an enchanting authorial voice, For Matrimonial Purposes – a first novel which was the subject of a fierce international auction – is a.

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She lived in Hong Kong before moving to Los Angeles. This disparity of culture, values and morals is brought out very clearly through the heroine, Anju.

Also on my blog, Luthien Reviews At thirty-three, Anju should long since have been married and settled in her native India.

She’s fasted, she’s prayed, she’s presented herself as meek and submissive. Also by Kavita Daswani: Also I get matrumonial his attitude was meant tor show how compatible he is with her way of thinking, but I thought he was a bit dismissive about her desire to let her parents know about him. Unlike the promises on the back, I didn’t laughed out loud when reading this book. I knew and know plenty of women who can’t wait to get married because that’s what they’re supposed to do.

First and foremost, he has to be Indian. I really enjoyed how Anju decides to start her life anew and do something that many single Indian women wouldn’t do. All of them look like they are in a hurry to get married. But the whole book uprposes have been a hundred pages shorter with the same result. Sometimes, she seemed purposess hate India, seemed to want to be an independent, modern Western woman who drank cosmopolitans at cocktail parties and wore stylish designer clothes.

But she’s failed to do purposss one thing that would define her worth and ease the anxiety she’s causing her ultra-conservative, ultra-orthodox parents: Aug 22, eilasoles rated it did not like it Shelves: Not all the efforts of numerous swamis or countless fortune-tellers or famous matchmaking gurus in the world can help Anju snare a bridegroom.

Torn between the freedom of her American life and the responsibility of being a dutiful daughter, Anju travels to Bombay, “the matrimonial melting-pot,” where she endures a ceaseless and often hilarious parade of potential suitors, flamboyant family weddings, consultations with assorted astrologers, professional matchmakers and family priests, all in the hopes of achieving marital nirvana.


As Anju turns 26 and is still un-unmarried, she decides to go to New York to study.

Now in her thirties, she has written several novels for grown-ups and young adults that represent her passion and love for the Indian culture. I did like the bits and pieces of Indian culture I got exposed to along the way, and I loved envisioning all the different saris and pieces of jewelry that Anju described. I got that she felt that she was defined negatively by everyone who knew her because she was not married however after a while one does begin to want to see progression fot than it actually happens.

And yes, also how ddaswani the end she manages to kind of live in the moment and finally finds happiness in a man and a marriage…apparently on her own terms. Ya, tentang pencarian cinta sejati ditengah kepatuhan terhadap budaya India ditengah modernisasi. Anju berharap dapat menjadi manusia yang lebih berarti, yang orang-orang tak hanya melihat dirinya sebagai wanita India yang belum laku dan meyakinkan semua orang bahwa ia tak terkena kutukan dewa kalau ia adalah ditakdirkan untuk menjadi perawan tua.

Approaching 40, Anju flits back and forth between “Umrica” and her parents in India, looking for the perfect mate.

For Matrimonial Purposes — book review

Even they made me sad, though, because marrying someone you’ve met once or twice does seem like serious business, especially if you make the wrong choice. I did a lot of research on that in college. But for her family and friends back in India, all her success pales against her unmarried status. Discover what to read next. Trivia About For Matrimonial P Toward the end of the book, Anju finally gets her man, but is disappointed that he wants to get to know her and fall in love before marriage.

However, arranged marriages—certainly as presented in this novel—are usually obligatory for young Indians rather than voluntary, and they’re all tied up with the ever-growing, seriously problematic dowry system. Don’t expect this novel tells a romantic story between the main character with someone.


However, the aforementioned criticisms are a little harsh. Think we’re not as guilty? Cinta mengambang di udara setiap kali kita mengkadiri pernikahan, Saya ragu, mungkin kisah Anju adalah pengalaman nyata penulis?

Kata orang hal seperti itu ditakdirkan How much is truth? Dan mengapa pernikahan nggak bisa jadi kebahagiaan personal yg hanya si empunya yg bisa menentukan bagaimana dan kapan dia mendapatkannya? But this was a little too over the top. Say Yes to the DressThe Bachelorat least a dozen Disney princess movies, and a wedding industry that sells fairy tales for a price that could put your first born through college suggest otherwise.

A simple quest about a girl who is looking for love and struggles between what she’d like and what her origins, culture and family expect of her – and then finds a nice match somewhere in the middle.


The heroine, Anju, belongs to a wealthy Sindhi family in Bombay and apparently sees nothing problematic about caste endogamy and class pr I knew right away that if I liked the book, it wouldn’t be for the brilliance of the writing.

Dalam novel ini, penulis sering menyisipkan konflik-konflik batin yang timbul daswaani sang tokoh itu sendiri.

Surely she wouldn’t want to leave that wonderful independence back at JFK and actually start cleaning up after herself at home in Bombay? Sure, she has a successful career as a fashion publicist. Anju, wanita yang hampir berusia 30 tahun yg belum dapat seorang pendamping hidup. In fact, very little daswanl are given at all about Anju’s prince charming.

Dec 28, Michelle Robinson rated it it was ok Shelves: The heroine, Anju, matirmonial to a wealthy Sindhi family in Bombay and apparently sees nothing problematic about caste endogamy and class prejudice.

I liked this feroine but I just could not love this book, as much as I tried. The perfect boy is the one who has a good job, good family, does not have any bad habits, is rich and yes, is obviously an Indian.