Revised EMA Riichi rules are ready. The rules will come into effect on April 1, Motivation for the rule changes is to be in line with modern. The Riichi Competition Rules (RCR) of the European Mahjong Association (EMA ) are used for many Japanese Mahjong tournaments. It reuses some text from the EMA Riichi rule book by Tina Christensen. The World Riichi Championship Rules cannot be called to be a.

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The last 14 tiles are set aside as the dead wall. Open melds and kantsu belong to his hand. Reach Mahjong of New York: It’s starting to get into the middle rjichi the riichi tournament season EMA-wise so I expect there’ll be a fair few people who are keen for practice games. Tournaments often provide each player with a single 1,point-stick for Riichi declarations.

Riicni kaihou combines with Haitei when a kan is declared with exactly one tile in the live wall and the declarer wins on the subsequent dead wall draw.

Mahjong subscribe unsubscribe 2, readers 9 riivhi here now A subreddit dedicated all the different rules of Mahjong play excluding the tile matching game. For the first round the prevalent wind is East, for the second South, third West, and fourth North.


Table counters are added whenever East won a hand, or riicchi was an exhaustive or abortive draw. The wall will be 17 tiles in length. Before the tiles are shuffled and the wall is built, each player sits down arbitrarily at the table.

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EMA Riichi Competition Rules

General mahjong news site. This description tries to cover many possible questions, thus enabling a player to participate in an EMA tournament, but it also strives to be concise. When five or more table counters are present, winning hands must have at least two riuchi, coming from yaku. Shuffle up all of tiles and build the wall.

Any good place to play EMA riichi online? : Mahjong

The next player in turn draws the next wind tile Northand so on East and last West. Won hands, exhaustive draws, and abortive draws all constitute a valid hand. The player who is east remains stationary while the other players arranges themselves accordingly.

We can do some game discussion here. Chombo renders a hand invalid, therefore another hand must be played. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.


Japanese Mahjong Wiki Mahjong Time: Mahjong submitted 1 year ago by NurroN Finnish Riichi player. Discord channel dedicated to mahjong. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.

Only one more valid hand may be started after the gong.


Rule sets European tournaments. Tiles are then dealt accordingly to each player. But for some there’s a lot of enjoyment in defense and patience that is lost when akadora come into play.

The wind tile drawn is your seat wind. When player scores tie, the tying players share their Uma; ties are not resolved by player seating order. A subreddit dedicated all the different rules of Mahjong play excluding the tile matching game.

Winning players always get one Riichi stick back. Chombo leads to a riicyi of the hand with the same number of table counters.

When played with a time limit, a gong sounds 15 minutes before end.