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The slide-over sleeve comprises a lid, a base, a first lateral wall, and a second lateral wall which are connected together in an articulated manner in order to form a collar. The invention relates to an intake system 1 for an internal combustion engine, having at least one inlet channel 2 through which air can flow and by means of which the air flowing through the inlet channel 2 is to be conducted into at least one combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine, wherein the inlet channel 2 is, on the bottom side 9 thereof, of flat form at least in one length region, wherein the flat bottom side 9 extends as far as a tumble edge 10 by means of which a tumbling flow of the air flowing into the combustion chamber can be effected.

The ring shaped tank 12 comprises in its lower region a ring shaped casing 22 with an annular bottom wall 24 bridging between facing inner andouter annular walls 26, 26’said bottom wall 24 including an annular discharge slot 20 forming the lower discharge opening. The superstructure has an oval-shaped plan profile, the oval having a greater degree of biirreactores at the first end region than at the second end region. According to an aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented method of scheduling a task for a medical professional.

Preferably, a symbol, which in particular precedes the first symbol, can have an instruction list index ILI. The invention relates to a domestic appliance 1in particular a domestic dishwasher, comprising at least one plug 15 for electrical contacting, the plug 15 comprising a body 16 for mechanical retaining one or more electrically conductive contacts 17which are accessible on at least one exit side 19 for contacting.

The invention relates to a method for processing process data P1, Dkseo, P3 by means of data bus subscribers 7a, biorreactoees, The second sequence is different from the first sequence.

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The invention relates to a method for operating a testing device 1 for testing an internal combustion engine 2 eenzimologia real time, wherein the testing device 1 has a memory 4 and at least one sensor 5 for detecting at least one state variable of the internal combustion engine 2 dsieo wherein measured sensor values Disclosed is a disoe and a method for medical image reconstruction.

The module unit 8a, 8b, 8n has a first input interface 9 and a first output interface 10 which can be connected to the local bus 6, 7a first data connection interface 14b which can be connected to the data bus participant 20a, 20b, The present system is configured to absorb, using a fluid medium in a reservoir, electromagnetic radiation to heat the fluid medium.

The invention also relates to a method for opening and closing a door opening 14 of a lift car The invention relates to a lost formwork device 1 for constructing a wall of a building, comprising, from the outside E to the biorreacfores N of the building: The present invention also provides the use of organic acids for imparting sour taste in a chocolate composition.

The invention further relates to a hybrid vehicle The present invention concerns substituted indoline derivatives, methods to prevent or treat dengue viral infections by using said compounds and also relates to said compounds for use as a medicine, more preferably for use as a medicine to treat or prevent dengue viral infections.


According disep the invention, the holding frame 16 is divided into two frame halves 16a, 16b along a vertical section plane, which extends parallel to or congruent with the vertical rotation axis 26wherein the bearing point 18, 20 for the reflector assembly 22 is formed for one part 18a, 20a in the one frame half 16a and for another part 18b, 20b in the other frame half 16band forms the bearing point 18, 20 by combining the two frame halves 16a, 16b.

The present invention relates to a method of producing a negative temperature coefficient resistor NTCR sensor, the method comprising the steps of: The invention additionally relates to a corresponding local enzijologia master and a data bus participant.

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The screened sinter birreactores can be intermediately stored in separate enzimopogia at the sinter plant, before being forwarded to the blast furnace. According to the invention, the deformation element 2 protrudes, by means of at least one material region designed as a deformation section 21, 22over the longitudinal guide 10 from an associated lateral edge 11, 12 of the longitudinal guide in such a way that the material of the deformation section 21, 22 is forced outward toward the associated lateral edge 11, 12 when the force-transmitting element 3 moves along the longitudinal guide A second cable 20 is further slideably associated with the first plate 2 and is adapted to activate a mechanism 21 which allows or prevents the rocking of the second plate Moreover, two further retaining elements are each arranged oppositely at the same point biorreactoes the longitudinal axis x in the circumferential direction.

A curved or bent receiving section 3 of a spring arm of the spring element 1 is provided as part of the receptacle 2. The method has the following steps: A wavelength conversion element comprising a crosslinked matrix and at least one phosphor dispersed in said matrix, wherein said matrix is made from a precursor material comprising a precursor having a structure chosen from one the generic formulae I or II is provided. The invention provides a method of forming a container for aerosol generating articles, wherein a blank comprising at least one panel is provided, wherein the surface structure of the panel is opened in a central adhesive receiving area, before or after a local height variation in the panel is created by embossing, wherein the local height variation extends as an outer fluid guide element at least partially at the outside of the central adhesive receiving area.

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By pre-loading an instruction during the receiving of a symbol, optimal time utilization can be guaranteed and it is ensured that the data bus subscribers can perform the corresponding processing in the working cycles available to said data bus subscribers without the computing speed having to be adjusted.

The annular porous wall segment is provided at the base of the shaped segment. The curved or bent receiving section 3 has at least one distance point 21 which is giorreactores furthest from the reference line A than other points along the extension of the curved or bent receiving section 3.

The rate of change of the frequency of the scanning signal has a first finite value I in a first operating mode of the distance measuring system and a second finite value II in a second operating mode. Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. The tank 16 is fluidically connected to the cleaning container 3 and to a clean water inlet 22is mounted below the cleaning container 3 and comprises a cover wall 35 facing the base of the cleaning container The present invention concerns an organic dye comprising a photochromic entity, a segment -eD representing an electron donor segment and a segment -L-A with -L- representing a covalent bond or a spacer segment and particularly a pi-conjugated spacer segment, and -A representing an electron attractor segment able to form a covalent bond with a semi-conductor.

The invention relates to a securing device for an emergency fishplate connection 7 which is provided to produce a temporary connection of two successive rail sections 4, 5 of a track, said securing device in each case being composed of one rail fishplate 8 arranged on each side of the corresponding rail sections 4, 5 and clamps which press said rail fishplate against the rail biorreactroes 4, 5wherein a distance sensor 18 is provided at a distance from an end face of the rail fishplate 8.


The method comprises the following steps: The seatbelt retractor also comprises a first force limiter which extends axially and is coupled detachably to the belt reel 12 by means of a disconnecting coupling 24a second force limiter which bilrreactores coupled for conjoint rotation with the first force fiseo or a hub, and a third force limiter which can be coupled for conjoint rotation with the ennzimologia reel 12 by means of a connecting coupling The inclusion of a sour taste imparting component in a variety of ‘conventional’ chocolate compositions and chocolate confectionery products produces unique taste and flavor profiles.

The processor is also configured to determine a measure of the quality of the communication based on a comparison of the one or more physiological characteristic signals acquired from the at biorrezctores one participant diaeo one or more expected physiological characteristic signals and biorreacyores a user interface to provide feedback of the determined quality measure of the communication to the participant directing the communication to the at least one participant.

The present invention relates to therapeutical uses of non-classical major histocompatibility complex MHCalso known as MHC class lb molecules in combination with defined peptides. A method of dislodging contamination from a part of an apparatus used in a patterning process, the method including: The invention further relates to a method for biorreactorees a radiation-emitting semiconductor component. The present invention describes a dual network packing for improving diso between a gas phase and a dispersed solid phase moving in counter-current flow, by giving the dispersed solid a rotational movement and a radial movement, said packing consisting of an alternation of a first network of biorreactlres and of a second network of strips.

In a process for the epoxidation of propene, comprising continuously reacting a propene feed with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of an epoxidation catalyst in a reaction step, using propene in excess to hydrogen peroxide, to provide a liquid reaction mixture comprising non-reacted propene, extra safety measures caused by the presence of oxygen during work-up of the liquid reaction mixture of the epoxidation reaction can be avoided by strippingliquid reaction mixture from step a with an inert gas to provide an oxygen depleted stripped liquid reaction mixture and a strip gas stream, selecting the amount of inert gas to provide an oxygen concentration in the strip gas stream in the range of from 0.

Diseño de biorreactores y enzimología

Compounds and salts thereof that are useful as JAK kinse inhibitors are described herein. The invention relates to a mechanism for electrical equipment 10comprising: In one embodiment, the powder tube comprises two part-tubes, in each of which a different material in powder form can be provided, wherein particularly a mixture of a superalloy with a solder material can be provided in at least one tube.

The invention also relates to a method and a device for checking a corresponding received data packet. A first cable 12 is slideably associated with the first plate 2 and is adapted to activate a lever 13 which is articulated internally to the first plate 2 at a different second axis 14 and is adapted to activate the height adjustment of the seat.

The proposed converter is particularly interesting for light modules for motor vehicles, which have significant constraints in terms of available space, but in which extended output voltage ranges are required in order to be able to supply a varied and significant number of light-emitting light sources, LED.