AILET Answer Key is generally required by the students who have written the AILET exam to check for their answers. The AILET Answer Key. Schools – AILET Analysis Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The CLAT paper came almost along the expected lines as. of the AILET (NLU Delhi) paper for the benefit of all our students. The reasoning based questions were mainly fromthe law of torts and.

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The difficulty level was relatively lower. Baglihar Dam is located at which river? Which state touches the boundry of Uttar Pradesh and Chhatisgarh? Meghalaya and Manipur 3.

Light Year is the questoon of: Potential energy PE is presented as: Which year has been declared as the International Year of Biodiversity?

Kuchipudi Dance belongs to which state? The richest temple in India is: Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple 8. Delhi was declared as the capital of India in which year?

AILET 2013 Question Paper

Who was the first ruler of Saka dynasty? Hugo Chavez was the President of which country? Indian Olympian Vijay Kumar is associated with which sport: Sushil Kumar is associated with which sport? The principal work of Norman Borlaug happened in which country? FIFA and next Olympic games would be held in: Rio De Janerio Rate of Fiscal Deficit declared for the period of was targeted to be: Bharat Ratna and other Padma awards were introduced in: Miss World is: China’s Wen Xia Yu Reservations in promotions NAM Summit was held in: Qusstion Head Quarters of European Union is located at: The centre of gravity of leaning tower of Pisa passes through: Total number of medals won by India in London Olympics: World Literacy Day is observed on: Total number of High Courts in India is: Bluetooth device is named after: King of Denmark Who was the last monarch of British India?

King George VI The most recent bomb blasts took place in which locality of Hyderabad? Environment Act in India was passed in: The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan: The nationality of the new Pope is: Who was the last nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa: Borris Gelfand is from which questuon Carlos Slim is from which country?: The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched? J B Kriplani The relics of Buddha were transferred to which Country?

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On which day did the Kumbh Mela Started? The founder of Red Cross Society was?: Henry Dunant His birthday was on 8th May Which 2103 state was formerly known as New Amsterdam?: Navjivan Trust was founded by Mahatma Gandhi. The Indian state with the lowest sex ratio is Haryana. The Italian ambassador was asked by the honourable supreme court to not to leave India.

The meaning of Paleolithic age: Old Stone Age Verbal Ability Foreign Language phrase and their meanings: Vis a Vis- face to face or in relation to 3.

El Dorado- A place of great abundance Spelling Errors: The prevailing fashion or style. A thing which is absolutely true.

AILET 2013 Question Papers with Answer Key

Fibonacci Series Here every term, starting with the third one, is the sum of the previous two terms. Here,the series was like this: Basically the n th term was n n. As reported by the students, none of the option was Angle subtended in a semi-circle is 90 degrees. Tap A can fill a tank in 10 hours and Tap B can fill it in 15 hours. Both the taps start filling the empty tank but after 3 hours, Tap A is shut off.

How long would Tap B take to fill the tank completely? What is the sum of the first 15 multiples of 8? If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3: A distance of 4 m separates two poles of different lengths. If the shorter pole is 10 m and the distance between the tops of the two poles is 5 m, what is the area enclosed by the figure? The expected cut-off for this paper should range between 98 to marks. Since the paper was very much on expected lines, it should have been able to put you in the mood for other law entrances that follow.

All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by Career Launcher. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The level of difficulty of this paper was Easy-Moderate. There was one Reading Comprehension passage, followed by 10 questions, two of which were synonym-based. The passage was on the evolution of education and the questions were relatively easy as they could easily be answered by referring to the body of the passage. Overall, the level of difficulty of this section was easy to moderate. This section should not have posed any problems for the aspirants as the level of difficulty was low.


Breaking away from tradition, mathematical concepts played an important role. The entire section was dominated by Analytical Reasoning.

AILET Question Paper

This section of the paper had 20 questions. Most of the questions were straightforward and required application of the basic concepts to arrive at the correct answer. There were about 3 – 4 questions each from Algebra and Number System. One question each was asked from Set Theory, Statistics and Probability.

An attempt of 12 – 13 questions is an ideal one. There were at least a couple of questions here which did not have the right answer as any of the options.

It had a healthy mixture of Current Affairs and Static General Knowledge questions, with slightly more number of questions concerning Current Affairs. The couple of questions from History were a little tough. Questions testing knowledge of Personalities, World Days and International Organizations constituted the rest of the section. A good attempt would be about questions, while an attempt of over 40 questions would be exceptional.

It was ambiguous whether the Legal Aptitude Section would have Legal Knowledge questions or not, but as a relief, they were absent from the paper.

The questions were based on legal principles such as papper covering promissory estoppel, postal rule, and cross offer. The questions on torts included topics like liability, nuisance, and negligence. Criminal law was also given due importance, covering topics like theft and kidnapping.

AILET Question Papers with Answer Key | AglaSem Admission

Constitution included one question on Fundamental Rights, and one on State. One question was on family law. International papwr was conspicuous by absence, while knowledge of IPR was tested on copyright, trademarks and licenses. CL students would not have faced any problems due to their familiarity with the material and mocks, enabling them to achieve a respectable score in this section.